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+++Coptic church+++ Koptisch + Kirche+++






"Fear not; for I am with you. I will bring your seed from the east, and gather you from the west "Isaiah 43:5"

" لاتخف لانى معك من المشرق اتى بنسلك و من المغرب اجمعك" " اشعياء 5:43 "




Our service


Saturday  From16,00  TO   24,00

  Sunday From 8,00  TO   13,00   LIVE Mass

  Every Sunday From 18,00   Anba Gabriel  LIVE   AT 20,00

  Monday  At  20,00   Abouna Ibrahim

  Tuesday  At 20.00 Abouna  Youanness

  Wednesday  AT  17,30 Cairo Time    Pope Shenoouda

 And  At   21,00   abouna Youssef Mansour

  Thursday   At  21.00   Abouna Mina

  Friday  At 17,00    Anba Poula   LIVE

And  A t 21,00  abouna Mina


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